вторник, 27 августа 2013 г.

First words

   Hi world! My name is Olya. I want to have a fashion blog for so long. I have lots of doubts like "Do I have lots to say?" or "There are tons of blogs already". But I said myself "You will think like this forever. Just do it". And here it is. I hope that someday I will have lots of readers. Maybe.
  The name of this blog "Lovely Fashion Dreams" is really me. First of all word "lovely" means so much. The world is lovely. The life is lovely. All things are lovely!
  Secondly, I love fashion: magazines, blogs, books, photos...I hope that one day fashion will be my career.
  And "dreams". What can I say? I'm a big dreamer. Dreams... I love this word.
                                                                    So, lovely fashion dreams guys,

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